Friday, May 7, 2010

He got my hair all sticky with that load and dripping on my face

I have had a lot of loads of cum shot all over my face and hair this week. I have spent 5 evenings in a row at Flex in Phoenix and I have to say Friday and Saturday are days to get your fill, if you are a dick eater like me! Have been eating some cock in peoples cars in my neighborhood. Getting to know the married neighbors round here and some of the single guys too. It's amazing how many guys love a blowjob, they couldn't care less if it's from a woman or a man. A mouth wrapped around a cock sucking the cum out fills the bill every time. I love to work the glory holes at the bath houses in town. I am available for an evening car suck in the neighborhood of Arrowhead Ranch.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Cocksucking sluts in the Phoenix area

Just a little site where a guy can hook up and get or give a blowjob. You can find someone to fill your mouth with that creamy white filling or do the filling yourself. We don't discriminate on race, or age but bigger and harder is always better. We have several gathering points and you are always welcome to add you own. Flex, Chute, the park on 67th are all favorite places for me to have a guy drop trow. Nothing better than a hard cock or two filling my mouth and spewing a nice steamy load for me. I personally love to suck a nice hardon in a car parked or cruising down the road. If you like what I like you can find me here and fill my mouth with my favorite sticky stuff.